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Product Illustration

2018 to Current

Visual & Graphic Design, Interaction, Logo & Brand Identity 


X|Y Beverage Labels 2021

This series of illustrations was made for a company that specialized in making infused cocktails. The project demanded three different labels for the various beverages they created, a daiquiri, margarita and an old fashioned. All the final illustrations have the same complimentary colors and drawing styles to give the label designs a unified appearance.


Originally the text was block typed and made to contrast the organic shapes of the characters and drawing style of the labels. A second handmade typography was made to add a quirky and unique take on the labels. In the end both labels were used, but the blocked type made printing because it was bolder and easier to read at a glance. 

Image 059_edited.png

I began with simple sketches and ideas that played on the unique ingredients of the cocktails. Each beverage had seasonal and specific ingredients that I wanted to highlight. By personifying how a fruit may feel in certain situations, I drew up a few different prototypes from the original fruits of each drink. I wanted to keep the colors as close as I could to the actual color of fruits so that consumers would recognize a flavor and type of fruit immediately.


Two types of labels were created on this project. I made white designs for transparent labels and full color labels for the printer.


Logo Branding 2017-2021

I have helped brand companies and products for my clients, friends and co-workers through logo design. Services provided include "re-beautifying" existing logos and/or new build designs. Here are just a few of my recent logos and they're use across the web.

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 10.24.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 10.23.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 10.21.51 PM.png

X|Y 2021

The build of the X|Y logo was intended to be simple, provoking and creative.  The client wanted the brand image to represent his passions and his craft. See the Design & Branding page for more information on the origin and creation of this wonderful small start-up business.

Das One Collective 2020

Das One Collective was a business built around collaboration. The emphasis was on music and video services. The colors, the typography and the design were created to match modern "street wear" brands all while staying true to the musicians and artists affiliated with the company.  

The type used in the logo was almost an exact match to the Supreme logo.

OCSI 2020

This logo and photo watermark was made for a professional photography client that wanted to portray his love for NYCFC, (New York City Football Club) and create a logo similar to club and soccer team badges. The logo shares the colors of the soccer club and team and the fonts used for the typography were custom made based off of the clients favorite font.

The logo is a rendering of the Queensborough bridge in NYC and the two spires that are unique to the bridge.

Think Up 2020

Think up is a wellness brand that strives to help people overcome anxieties and fears of everyday life. The logo represents the power of mind and the relationship it has with your ideas and thoughts. The "Tiffany Blue" pigment used in this version of the logo was the founders' favorite color. 

This white and blue logo was one of four different versions. The correct blue hue can be inviting and calming. Color code #11b0d8

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