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Content Designer 2020

User Research, Visual & Graphic design, Testing, Interaction & Website building/maintenance

Company, Website & Social Media Branding


X|Y is a unique catering and private event company in Queens, NYC.

The goal of this project was to identify and create an aesthetic for the company brand across all platforms. The hope to design a brand with unifying elements including new logos, websites, promotions, forms, written content and consumer product design.


X|Y is a Queens-made private event and catering company that hosts culinary experiences like no other. Learn more about X|Y at

I was the content designer for the X|Y team.

I joined X|Y as a content designer a year ago as the lead creative director and content creator in a start-up with a small group of loyal employees and partners. I supported design across every aspect of the business and was responsible for leading the creative teams and overseeing all aspects of the company branding and online presence progress.

I've grown an incredible amount in the last year, some of the key milestones I have listed below:

Implemented a design process and aesthetic. This had helped us establish more structure and unity in how we promoted our brand and allowed other team members complete transparency when collaborating on projects .

Improved the look and feel of brand identity. We tested products and asked for feedback from the public. We established a design process and made sure to research and test all products before any final publishing.

Creating design kits. This helped to maintain brand consistency in the look and feel across all publishing platforms.

The Process


The Skeleton

1. Research
2. Sketching/ Framing/ Outline
3. Consulting design and User issues


The biggest challenge of designing X|Y, was developing the brand from the emotions and values of the CEO from the ground up. Initially it seemed it would be easier to start fresh, but this lead to a creation of a brand new design process made specifically for this new company. The name, logo, products, events and promotions all had to be streamlined and tested for simplicity and quality with fellow NY’ers.

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 3.57.48 PM.png

Identifying the demographics for a specific type of culinary experience and gathering the necessary information from individuals, companies and online sources. Creating and developing the right color schemes for this type of culinary art, and how to incorporate it’s visual taste into a brand design. Researching the latests practices, trends and software that other leading companies are using and how we can differ from thier services. Configuring ideas and practicality into our designs for optimal outcomes. How can we make plans and schedule deadlines to keep all teams in line with a unified turnaround time? Is the end result functional and in line with the original intentions of the design and brand?

My research encompassed:

-Understanding the goals and needs of the company
-Uncovering pain points throughout the journey and addressing changes

-Determining the success of the tasks measured

Sketching & Outlining
I started with a rather simple method of creating a web and flow chart similar to the simplified version below.
Consulting Design and User Issues

Throughout the process changes were made and the design aspects were altered and communicated to all teams working on the project. All challenges were made according to our initial defined design process.

This included and was not limited to:

-Print and typography altercations
-Website writing, form, copywriting, changes in design, coloring, videography and photography

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 12.38.04 AM.png
Untitled design.png
As an example from the website, using a design system from the outline we created, we ran into issues regarding color theory and unified aesthetics across all pages. 

All of the photos used had to be neutralized for the correct white balance. We 
explored various color palettes accordingly. 

We wanted to implement a website that was both minimal, organic and intriguing for a new user. Many of the colors we ended up using, complimented with the white negative spaces on the webpages, giving the site an elegant and inviting theme.

The original logo design was meant to portray a chef's hat, similar to the image on the left.

The text aspect in the X|Y logo derived from the fact that the owner was a cannabis influenced chef. The X/Y name and design was created to portray the science behind his culinary art. 
Results and lessons

From the original implementation of the new brand build for X|Y, we have seen a significant rise in consumer booking, product purchases and investor interest. Furthermore, I have received positive feedback from the owner and clients about the brand design and the ease of use of our booking and website tools on mobile and on desktop.

Some timeless lessons from this project are:

Create a strategic design plan to launch a new company brand. This helps filter unnecesarry and un-directional design mistakes and requests that could potentially move the project away from a quality product.

Client relations and consumer communication doesn’t end after development. Design is a constant emphasis and reminder of improving the experience for the end consumer. Always finding ways to gather and listen to consumer and customer feedback.

Involve alll parties initially and upfront. This helps to reduce any re-work later on and acts as an accountable foundation for the initial design strategy.

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 3.56.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 3.53.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 3.57.29 PM.png

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